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Are the items in good condition?
  All pieces are in very good condition, unless otherwise noted in the item description.  We are careful to note any obvious defects or condition issues.
Are the prints signed and numbered?
  Most of the prints in the inventory are not hand-signed or numbered. Very often artists would issue a small signed edition, along with a larger unsigned edition at the same time -- we prefer to sell the unsigned editions, as these are more affordable and also the question of a signature's authenticity thus does not arise. Often the edition is limited, but the print itself is not numbered -- this is the case with many of our items. All available information about each piece is given in the descriptions as posted on this site, such as: date of printing, publisher and edition size (if known).

During the middle decades of the 20th Century various artists contributed original prints to a number of publications and portfolios. Although most were not pencil-signed or numbered, the artists worked just as hard on these as they did with their more expensive signed prints; often a small signed/numbered edition was issued along side a larger unsigned edition. Today these unsigned prints are rapidly increasing in value as collectors seek affordable ways to own original prints by famous artists.
Are these original prints?
  When describing items, we always follow standard museum / gallery / auction-house terminology. A print is considered original if it was executed by the artist as a print (lithograph, etching, woodcut, silkscreen, etc.), in which case it is clearly identified in the description as an original print.

If a print is listed as after this means it was executed by the artist in a different medium (painting, watercolor, drawing, etc.). For example, a lithograph after the Picasso drawing means that Picasso created the work as a drawing, and then a lithograph was made of this. Depending on the artist and the work in question, many of the prints after are very rare and of significant value -- a print does not necessarily need to be "original" to be valuable.

All of the art works in our inventory are vintage pieces and are now quite scarce -- we do not sell recent reproductions or giclee prints.
How can you sell for less than other galleries?
  People often ask this question. The answer is, that by selling only online and not operating a bricks-and-mortar gallery, the overhead costs are much lower, and substantial savings are passed on to you. Thanks to the internet, this is possible!

The foundation of our success has been:
  • Excellent selection
  • Fast shipping
  • Low prices
This has brought many loyal, repeat customers.
How do I contact you?

Phone: 702-250-1094
What is your return policy?
  Your satisfaction is important! If for any reason you're not happy, items may be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Items must be returned in the same condition as when purchased. Return postage and insurance is the responsibility of the buyer. All works are guaranteed to be as described.