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Marcel Duchamp "Priere de toucher" 1947
Marcel Duchamp "Priere de toucher" 1947


Item Code: 7967

Medium: offset lithograph. In 1947 Marcel Duchamp designed a three-dimensional foam rubber breast to be mounted onto the cover of the "Surrealisme en 1947" portfolio. This was his famous "Prière de toucher" (Please Touch). It is unknown exactly how many of the total edition of 999 included the actual object, but most did not, substituting instead a photo-lithograph (as offered here). The total sheet measures 9 x 7 1/4 inches (230 x 185 mm). Not signed.

Condition: there is some wear, mostly around the edges of the sheet. Although it is not the very rare three-dimensional object, this vintage 1947 limited edition print is itself scarce and a good find for collectors of Marcel Duchamp's art.